Tue. May 30th, 2023

Before E3 even started yesterday, we felt like we’d already been through a whole show in itself. Press conferences and livestreams from the console makers at Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo set the agenda for what we’ll see on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch over the next year. Smashing events from publishers like EA, Bethesda, Ubisoft and Devolver Digital highlighted countless games that were previously unknown.

Before we got really hands-on on the show floor, Ars Culture Editor Sam Machkovech and I had a quick chat about what caught our eye in these marketing-focused, hype-infused, bombastic press conferences. Watch the video above for our full thoughts, but here are some quick bullet points:

  • Microsoft: Lots of variety; 4K took hands-on time to impress; a few big franchises that are oddly missing?
  • Sony: Very flashy; let the games speak; plenty of AAA story-driven titles
  • Nintendo: tons of fan service; Mario Odyssey looking awesome
  • EA: Solid but not surprising; incremental lineup
  • Ubisoft: Mario and Rabbids looks surprisingly cool; Beyond Good and Evil 2 was a long-delayed shocker
  • Bethesda: They’ve created a crazy theme park; VR precipitation and demise are intriguing; Wolfenstein II seems like a worthy sequel
  • Devolver Digital: The Adult Swim of E3 Press Conferences

List image by Electronic Entertainment Expo

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