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As usual, next week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo will be home to dozens of new game announcements from the industry’s biggest publishers. This week, however, is when many of those announcements actually leak out publicly before their official, splashy reveals on the show. There’s just one problem: Amidst the credible rumors of upcoming games, there are some totally wild guesses from a hyped-up gaming crowd.

How do you separate the reliable information from the uninformed suspicion? That’s what we’re here for! Below, we take a look at some of the most interesting E3 rumors floating around and analyze the available evidence to determine how likely this rumor is. (This list doesn’t include the many games at the show that have already been announced or previously shown.) Take a look and keep an eye out when we cover all the official announcements from the E3 show floor next week.

The rumor: Watchdogs 2

Proof: This isn’t actually a rumor anymore, as Ubisoft has confirmed that the game will be part of the press conference. Even before that reveal, industry insiders get reported Watchdogs 2 promotional material in the post, which was a pretty strong sign that the title was on its way.

More recently, however, Eurogamer managed to get their hands on a screengrab of a leaked IGN ad for the game, which shows a November 15 release date and a setting in San Francisco. We’ll likely get confirmation of those details when Ubisoft posts a promised trailer on Wednesday night.

The chances: At this point, the existence of the game itself isn’t a rumor, and even the release date and setting seem pretty solid. We’re coming 100 percent.

The rumor: Dead Rising 4

Proof: An alleged poster and a few screenshots for the game have been posted on ThisGenGaming. While not exactly a known or reliable source, real information comes from less likely places in the past. Kotaku claims to have “seen another photo of that same poster from another source, which helps confirm the leak.” A NeoGAF poster with a reputation for reliable leaks as well tweeted about the game like a remake of the original Rising dead with four-player co-op.

The chances: There’s enough smoke here that there’s probably some fire…95 percent.

The rumor: Injustice 2

Proof A poster teasing a sequel for the 2013 superhero fighting game was apparently sent to GameStop executives and employees today, leading to tweeted photos and confirmation of the vital information from both Eurogamer and Polygon. Injustice producer Ed Boon as well placed a suggestive Roman numeral “II” on its Twitter page recently, and a French website reported a planned May 2017 release date for the game a week ago.

The chances: The 2013 original saw some pretty good sales in the US and the information seems solid:95 percent.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
Enlarge / Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

The rumor: Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor continuation

Proof: The title briefly appeared on stuntwoman Lauren Kim’s online resume months ago before she was removed (screengrab).

The chances: The first game was quite popular and had a unique gameplay system where Warner Bros. probably want to get more miles out of it. The resume leak suggests that work is progressing. We rate this pretty highly 80 percent.

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Enlarge / Resident evil 6.

The rumor: Resident evil 7

Proof: Japanese industry analyst Dr. Serkan Toto tweeted about the game’s existence and E3 plans last month and also suggested that Capcom hired Jordan Amaro from Kojima Productions (MGS v, PT) to work on the new horror game.

The chances: Toto has good sources in the Japanese industry and is generally reliable with this type of information. The game could exist and still not be ready for E3. We’ll put this somewhat conservatively 70 percent.

The game: God of war continuation

Proof: A stash of concept art featuring a bearded Kratos appeared on a former Sony Santa Monica artist’s website and dribbled out through the now-defunct site NerdLeaks (since taken down). Polygon later confirmed that “the artwork is legit”. And Series Creative Director Cory Barlog said in 2014 that a new game in the series was being worked on.

The chances: That Sony is planning to do something with one of its most popular franchises seems like a no-brainer. That it will be ready for E3 seems less certain. We will rank it by 50 percent.

The rumor: Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Remastered, The evil within 2, Wolfenstein: The New Order 2 and Prey 2

Proof: Eurogamer explains all the whispers about a remastered version Skyrim for current consoles, which comes via Japanese podcasts, German websites, and GAF ​​posts from alleged insiders. Eurogamer also says it “understands that this rumor is true.”

While Bethesda has already announced Disgraced 2, concrete information about the other alleged sequels is hard to come by. Another Wolfenstein seems like a no-brainer after the success of the latter (and this suggestive leak from a voice actress), and The evil within sold quite well for a survival horror game. While one Prey 2 project was officially canceled in 2014, Bethesda could be interested in starting over and reviving the brand.

The chances: The Skyrim remaster is well sourced enough that it seems extremely likely to happen, 90 percent or so. Wolfenstein and The evil within seem relatively likely 70 percent. Prey 2 is more of a guess… 40 percent.

The rumor: Red Dead Redemption sequel/remaster?

Proof: A random Redditor posted a single screenshot of a shiny looking red death institution reportedly discovered with some URL hacking on a poorly coded section of the Rockstar website. Some think it’s a shot from an old one Red Dead Redemption locale remastered for a new engine. Others think it may be an early “work in progress” recording of the original game. Some think it’s a brand new game.

A few months ago, an alleged map of the new red death‘s setting was briefly posted on NeoGAF. That map was subsequently confirmed by “a source close to the development of the novel red death game” in conversation with TechRadar, who also said the game will be a prequel. That’s still pretty dubious, but it’s more convincing than a single screenshot.

The chances: The information out there is pretty sparse at this point, and there’s not much to indicate that the game is ready for E3, even if it already exists. It’s not impossible that there will be an E3 surprise, but we’re just giving it a shot 15 percent opportunity.

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