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enlarge / Happy Birthday, Golden Eye 007!


Hours of sneaking through the snow and low frame rates, along with delays in play from grenade launchers and cries of “Temple shotties,” turn 20 years old today. N64 first person shooter classic Golden Eye 007 launched in the United States on August 25, 1997, and it’s hard these days to go in a certain direction on the internet without finding someone to appreciate it.

But how many of those ratings are as old as the game?

See: my very first employer, the Dallas Morning Newscelebrated the occasion today with my own launch week review of . to republish Golden Eye 007. In August 1997, I was a junior in high school who had contributed for about a year to the newspaper’s “Electronic Adventures” column, which was chock-full of high school and college students willing to accept a ridiculously low wage in exchange for early entry. to modern games.

If you’re wondering: No, my review hasn’t gotten as old as Rare’s classic game. My lyrics start with a mind-boggling setup: “In the words of everyone’s favorite secret agent, ‘This game is great, just great.'” (I think I went for a “Bond, James Bond” thing?) Part of the text reads awkward as I was an unproven teen writing for a mainstream audience. I also used the expression ‘graphic shell’, which totally freaks me out.

But I was mostly spot-on. I praised the objective-based missions as a big deal for a console shooter. I pointed out the innovative way the game handles shots to different limbs and body parts. And I said that Golden Eye‘s four-player split-screen modes have added “unlimited replay value”. (I mean, time has shown that, right?)

Some Sam Trivia: Months after my review was published, the author of the game’s strategy guide came to my house and played me in a one-on-one deathmatch in the Temple level, first to 10 kills. He beat me by a narrow margin of 10-9. No idea if he kept it close on purpose, or if I was actually that good.

Anyway, happy birthday, Golden Eye. May the licensing gods one day grant fans this game’s birthday wish ever be re-released. (At least we finally got the sequel, Perfect Darkin a nice remaster.)

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