Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

General E3 closing video with commentary filmed and edited by Jennifer Hahn

What a week. E3 is always a blowout of the industry’s biggest companies making their biggest announcements and showing off their biggest games of the year, but this year’s show stood out among its peers. From reveals for highly anticipated games in long-dormant franchises to virtual reality demos that feel like real games to mass-market spectacles and indie blockbusters on the show floor, this year’s show had it all in spades.

Summarizing everything from this E3 week into an easily digestible set of what you absolutely need to know isn’t easy, but we did our best. In the video above, Ars’ Kyle Orland and Sam Machkovech join Ars UK’s Mark Walton to break down the key bits from this year’s event. Topics of conversation include:

  • Virtual reality: what worked, what didn’t, and what are we really excited about?
  • Biggest Surprises: What stood out in a show full?
  • Favorite Sleeper: The Unexpectedly Great Game You Might Miss When You Sleep.
  • Best Company on the Show: Best Overall Presentation, combining announcements and playable games.
  • Game of the Show: Our personal favorite picks.

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