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De weerseffecten van <i>Forza 6 Apex</i> were not shown in motion other than a simple tease of the trailer, so we’re curious to see if rain details will affect 4K performance.”/><figcaption class=

Forza 6 ApexThe game’s weather effects weren’t shown in motion, other than a simple trailer tease, so we’re curious to see if rain details will affect 4K performance.

Microsoft/Turn 10

After the tease at the end of February, Microsoft Studios and Turn 10 are finally ready to unleash the Forza Motorsport racing series on PCs – and as we reported during the game’s reveal event, it’s coming in an unusual way. Forza Motorsport 6 Apex launches on Thursday, May 5 exclusively on Windows 10 PCs in the form of a free “open beta” that can be downloaded from the Windows Store. Based on our early Top impressions, PC players are essentially getting a limited trial version of last year’s Xbox One racer, as opposed to a particularly new experience.

Have seen Forza 6 Apex in real life, we know the game will be a huge conversation starter for PC gamers for many reasons. First, if owners of high-end PCs can replicate the 4K resolution, 60 frames per second we saw on Turn 10’s monstrous test rig, they’ll be in for the most incredible public demo of DirectX 12 technology yet. issued. Forza 6 ApexThe real-time demo looked incredible, as that silky-smooth refresh rate suffered no hiccups while displaying massive textures and beautiful lighting effects.

On the other hand, it remains to be seen how well Top scales on weaker PCs; Turn 10 currently recommends at least a 3.7 Ghz i3 processor and 2 GB VRAM. Since the game is tied to the beleaguered Universal Windows Platform (UWP), users may once again face issues such as the inability to disable v-sync and a forced borderless full screen mode.

PC racing purists may also get a rude awakening in the form of incredibly limited support for expensive racing wheel sets. Turn 10 almost confirmed that we should expect keyboard-and-mouse and Xbox gamepad support from the launch version of the game…and that’s it. Thanks to UWP, users will not be able to modify the game’s INI files to enable their own steering wheels or pedals. Instead, they’ll have to wait for the vaguely promised Turn 10 “wheel assist” to arrive.

In addition, the game launches as a free download with a pay-to-unlock structure, meaning you can unlock content by completing in-game objectives, or get specific cars and other content early by paying real money for in-game game coins. Such a structure would possibly make sense for a full-fledged version of Forza, but less so for one that comes with “more than 60” cars and only six racetracks. That is a far cry from the hundreds of cars and dozens of tracks in a normal retail version of the series. Microtransactions will simply force players to stock up Top‘s wall of content borders faster.

Ultimately, we get what we pay for, and the wide availability of the open beta will give DirectX 12 its broadest test base yet. Expect Ars to provide detailed analysis of its performance across systems once the beta launches next week.

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