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Ubisoft reintroduces familiar faces at E3: Far Cry 4, Rainbow Six and more


Third on a key day of pre-E3 press conferences was Ubisoft. And kicking off the developer’s show was an f-bomb-laden intro of FarCry4. Like Far cry 3 gripped us with his insane monologue – delivering a villain with a monumentally bad haircut, FarCry4 begins with an insane monologue that delivers a villain with a monumentally bad haircut. (It’s a different hairstyle this time, though.)


FarCry4 ditch the lush jungle of 2 And 3, dumping the player in the Himalayas instead. There will be a lot of shooting and undoubtedly checkpoints will be captured. Ubisoft also promises rideable elephants. Other than that, we only know that the game will be released on November 18.

As a sequel to FarCry4 it was considerably less curse Just dance 2015, coming in October. It promises the opportunity to dance along with many popular music artists of the day (which I’ve never heard of). In addition to consoles, the game will have a smartphone function. With a free smartphone app, the smartphone is the controller, supporting thousands of people dancing at the same time and tracking their performance with the phone’s accelerometers.

One of the few Just dance 2015 songs I’ve actually heard of.

Slightly grittier was a lengthy and downright poignant post-apocalyptic promo Tom Clancy’s The Division. This will be a massively multiplayer third-person action RPG, and the release is scheduled for 2015.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

The next step was a positively relaxing promo of a racing game The crew, which lets you drive across America without seeing any loading screens. Players can assemble their own “crews” and race against each other, and players can drive through a visually stunning USA in approximately 45 minutes. The game combines single and multiplayer. It will be available in beta from July 23 and will launch on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on November 11.

18th century France during the French Revolution is the setting for the next game in the infinitely long time Assassin’s Creed series: Assassin’s Creed Unity. The video showed so many murders it looked more like mass murder than murder, and the trailer had a horrible cover Everyone wants to rule the world. For Unit, Ubisoft even showed off some live gameplay. There’s improbable gymnastics jumping from building to building, stealthy crawling, sword fighting, stabbing and some terrible French accents. There is also a new co-op mode.

Assassin’s Creed Unity

If Just dance 2015 isn’t energetic enough, Ubisoft has a new fitness game, shape up, which gamifies exercise. Include subgames Guitar Hero which is played by jumping and running on the spot to a rather spectacular sounding version of Eye of the tiger, and a push-up game where the backs of the on-screen avatars are put under increasing strain as they get higher and higher scores. Honestly, the whole thing looks utterly exhausting. shape up becomes an Xbox One game and uses the Kinect. (Seeing it is used for games!)

shape up

More morosely, Ubisoft introduced a World War I game, Brave Hearts: The Great War. This is a puzzle game with stylized comic book graphics, inspired by letters written during the war. On June 25, the promo was touching and suitably tragic. This is nothing like the usual gaming fare.

Brave Hearts: The Great War

Finally, after a six-year hiatus, Ubisoft showed “pre-alpha images” of a new game in the Rainbow Six franchise: Rainbow Six: Siege. The gameplay footage of the tactical multiplayer first person shooter showed a 5 vs 5 hostage rescue scenario. It looks great. In hostage mode, one side has several fortifications to barricade itself; others will take demolitions to penetrate buildings and break through the fortifications.

Rainbow Six: Siege

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