Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

First, Twitch tried to play pokemon, and you know what, it was kind of funny. By writing a script in Python that allowed viewers to enter game commands through the chat window, an anonymous streamer inadvertently devised a clever social experiment that gave the world a dazzling insight into the hilarious and sometimes horrific Twitch community. Then Twitch kicked it up a notch and played Metal Gear ghost Babela feat it accomplished amazingly earlier this year.

But this time, Twitch, you’ve gone too far.

Right now, thousands of people are trying to endure From Software’s infamous punishment at home Dark souls, a game that carried the tagline “Prepare to die” and which many millions have thrown their controllers around the living room in frustration while playing. I fear Twitch victory within Metal gear made it a little bit over-insured. Honestly, if the community passes just one boss in the game, I’ll be amazed.

Then again, there have been some pretty amazing ones Dark souls achievements in the past. Some players managed to beat the game without ever leveling up, while another completed the game using guitar and bongo controllers.

This is certainly the largest Dark souls yet unchallenged, and a curiously engaging one at that. Since I’ve been watching, the character has been rolling his head against a wall. And yet… part of me really hopes that Twitch can get it together and fight some bad guys, or at least get out of this room they’ve been trapped in for the past half hour.

By akfire1

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