Tue. May 30th, 2023
The Steam Summer Sale starts June 22

Has it been a year already? That’s right folks, it’s time to fire up your gaming PC, pull out the credit card and replenish your Steam library with dozens of games that will remain in your unplayed pile of shame. The annual Steam Summer Sale starts on June 22 at 6pm UK time (1pm EDT, 10am PDT).

In addition, until July 5, UK users can get an additional £5 discount on a £20 spend by paying with PayPal.

The Steam Summer Sale 2016 was the first without daily or flash deals, dropping a game’s price by as much as 75 percent for a short period of time. Since 2016’s sales brought in even more money than previous years — and that, as Ars discovered, bigger discounts didn’t always correlate with bigger sales increases — Valve will likely stick with consistent deals this year.

Last year’s sales included Jonathan Blow’s The witness, demise, Rocket Leagueand Grand Theft Auto V. Fallout 4, ARK: Survival Evolvedand several pieces of Steam hardware also received significant discounts.

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