Sat. Feb 4th, 2023
The slimmed-down 2TB Xbox One S hits stores August 2 for $399 [Updated]

After leaking and then confirming news of the sleek, white Xbox One redesign a little over a month ago, Microsoft today announced that the hardware refresh of the Xbox One S console will hit stores on August 2. will appear. A 2TB system costs $399 and will be available in “limited quantities” in the US, Australia, New Zealand and most of Europe on that day. 1 TB and 500 GB hard drive versions will be available at a later date for $349 and $299, respectively.

Besides being 40 percent smaller than the original Xbox One (and having an internal power supply instead of that ugly power brick), the new redesign adds support for 4K Blu-rays and streaming videos, as well as high-dynamic range (HDR) color support in certain upcoming games. The new system also comes with a slightly redesigned controller, featuring a textured back handle and Bluetooth support.

The Xbox One S should not be confused with Microsoft’s upcoming Scorpio update, which was also announced last month and promised for a 2017 release. That system will be capable of true 4K gaming, as well as VR support, while the is fully compatible with all existing previous Xbox One games, says Microsoft.

[Update (July 26): Microsoft today announced that cheaper Xbox One S bundles with smaller hard drives would be available starting on August 23. A 1TB system will be sold bundled with Madden NFL 17, seven Madden Ultimate Team Pro Packs and one month of EA Access for $349. There will also be two bundles that both include copies of Halo 5: Guardians and Halo: The Master Chief Collection; the 1TB Halo bundle will be $349, and the 500GB Halo bundle will be $299.]

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