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Ryan Reynolds discovers he is a background player in a video game in the epic adventure comedy free man

20th Century Studios released a new trailer for free man, the sci-fi comedy starring Ryan Reynolds, currently slated for a December 11 release. But in these pandemic times, all release dates have basically been colored in until further notice – which is why Reynolds and the company have also released a funny teaser where they discuss possible alternative dates for the film’s release.

According to the official premise, “A bank teller who discovers that he is actually a background player in an open world video game decides to become the hero of his own story… a story he rewrites himself. Now in a world where there are no boundaries.” , he is determined to be the man who saves his world his way… before it’s too late.”

Stage feels the trailer like a live-action Wreck it Ralph with dashes the matrix and the Deadpool movies thrown in for good measure. In fact, the new trailer gives us strong upload vibes, which can only be good, because upload was one of our favorite new series this year.

Ryan Reynolds’ character named Guy finds an ally in Milly, aka Molotov Girl (kill eve‘s Jodie Comer), who can move in and out of the game at will. Meanwhile, game developer Antoine (Taika Waititi) plans to shut down the game, against the objections of a programmer, Keys (Joe Keery, aka Steve Harrington on Weird stuff† Keys and Milly created the code that made Guy aware of his virtual environment.

Director Shawn Levy debuted with the first free man trailer way back in December 2019 at the 2019 Comic Con Experience (CCXP) in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He described it as “a story about the origins of a superhero, except without the tights, powers, or pre-existing IP,” according to Deadline Hollywood. “It’s not just spectacle – it’s very connected to the characters. It’s the emergence of an idealist in a world that is very cynical and dark.” At the same event, Reynolds described the film as “a modern” movie Back to the future for this generation.”

In this latest trailer, we get some new footage – including a lot more Jodie Comer – and a clearer idea of ​​the plot. Guy feels unfulfilled in his daily existence which consists of getting coffee and then having the bank where he works get robbed every day. Sometimes he is swept away by a car or crushed for good by “the murder train”. When he decides to fight back, he tries on robber glasses. This allows him to see the underlying game environment of Free City.

We also learn that Guy longs for love, so when he catches sight of Milly, he follows her – and starts acting even more out of character (ie more heroic). This makes him hugely popular with fans while infuriating Antoine, who demands the game (aka Free City) are closed. Can Milly and Guy inspire the other non-player characters – “This place, these people, that’s all I’ve got” – to rise up against their programming and rise up to save Free City and themselves? After all, just because they aren’t “real” doesn’t mean what they do doesn’t matter. Guy is the virtual proof of that.

From now, free man will hit theaters on December 11, 2020, assuming enough theaters have reopened by then. Otherwise, look for “this Pinecone Celebration Day”.

“No, no, no, no, there’s a but…”

Picture frame by 20th Century Studios

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