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Chinese-American actress Liu Yifei stars in Disney’s live-action Mulan

Disney has released the full trailer for Mulanthe studio’s live-action remake of its own 1998 animated film. When the first teaser came out in July, I noted that while I’m not a huge fan of Disney’s live-action remakes, “this is an effective, lusciously eye-catching teaser is for Mulan.” This latest trailer confirms that assessment. It looks beautiful, in the style of a period war drama, and rumor has it that the $300 million production budget can be seen in every breathtaking shot.

Both films are based on the Chinese legend “The Ballad of Hua Mulan”, which tells the story of a young woman in the Northern Wei era (386-536 CE) who takes the place of her father when each family must provide for one man. . to serve in the emperor’s army. In this version, Hua Mulan is already a well-trained fighter, and she serves 12 years, with none of her fellow soldiers ever suspecting her true gender.

Disney’s animated film broadly followed the traditional storyline, except that Mulan isn’t properly trained when she first runs away. The film also added a love interest, a mad dragon representative of the family’s ancestors named Mushu (hilarious voiced by Eddie Murphy), and a catchy original soundtrack. Mulan received critical acclaim, grossed $304 million worldwide and earned Golden Globe and Oscar nominations. In other words, while it didn’t exactly set the box office on fire, it was popular enough to earn a spot on the list of Disney’s ongoing live-action remakes.

This new live-action version, directed by Niki Caro, also retains the traditional storyline and various elements of the original film. The matchmaker has just found the free-spirited Hua Mulan (Liu Yifei) a suitable match, and Mulan dutifully tries to learn the arts of being the perfect Chinese woman while secretly practicing martial arts. She is much better at the latter.

When her famous war veteran Hua Zhou (Tzi Ma), who has no sons, is enlisted in the Emperor’s army to fend off northern invaders led by Böri Khan (Jason Scott Lee), she disguises herself as a man to protect her. take father’s army. Place. Mulan also has a younger sister, Hua Xiu (Xana Tang) in the live-action version, who also features a new Khan ally: a witch named Xianniang (Gong Li) who can transform into a hawk form.

This new trailer begins with Hua Zhou lecturing his daughter on the importance of a good Chinese wife. “Do you know why the phoenix is ​​on the emperor’s right hand?” he says. ‘She’s his guardian. His protector. She is both beautiful and strong. Your job is to honor the family. Do you think you can do that?’ We see Khan’s horde in action, jumping up walls leaving no survivors, and several dramatic shots of the witch Xianniang, who’s quite a formidable fighter herself. And we see Mulan running away in the middle of the night to take her father’s place: “It’s my duty to protect my family.”

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