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Quake Champions gameplay reveal trailer.

This year’s E3 gaming conference kicked off with one of the industry’s current heavy hitters, Bethesda, announcing two new games in a blatant “more smoke than fire” manner. Deep down we knew why Quake champions and the Prey reboot got such content-poor revelations in June: because Bethesda had to save something for its massive, weekend-long QuakeCon festival.

That event kicked off Thursday in Grapevine, Texas, with gameplay reveals for both games Quake championsThe 75-second video was more revealing. The following Earthquake-branded online shooter from id Software was shown in what appears to be a fully functional pre-alpha state. Championscombat was shown from what appears to be a first-person, mid-combat perspective, along with a few hovering camera shots of at least three arenas that look like modern-day upgrades to the castle, sewers, and factory settings from its predecessor, 1999’s Quake III Arena.

The verticality is strong in this one, like the QC The series’ combatants take advantage of booster jump pads and their own rocket jumps to bounce through large, well-decorated arenas. While some details, notably a giant chained eyeball, are rendered well and smothered in cool lighting effects, other parts of the reveal look less polished than id’s other recent major shooter, the Demise reboot from earlier this year. This seems intentional, as id has advertised support for 120 Hz monitors for the sake of jittery, fast-paced gameplay – and QC‘s reveal looks super fast, filled to the brim with running, rabbit hopping and precise railgun kills. (Obviously the squad is at work QC want to call your dearest Q3A memories, what with a combatant who looks a lot like the hoverboard-riding character Anarki from the game of yesteryear!)

We’ll have to wait until “2017” (no month or season announced yet) to test QC’s speed-to-quality ratio once the first open beta launches.

Prey restart the gameplay reveal trailer.

In the meantime, Prey‘s “gameplay” reveal appears to include all of the in-engine footage from the upcoming first-person shooter. The reveal uses cinematic editing and ostensibly camera framing in a cutscene to look a little sweeter compared to how the game will play when it actually launches (which Bethesda says will happen “in 2017”). Unlike the blade runner-like, futuristic bounty hunting action from the canceled Prey 2this approach Prey seems to hinge on slower gunplay, mysterious monsters, and psychological horror, should this debut trailer tell the truth about what to expect.

Honestly, after watching a long pre-alpha sequence behind closed doors Prey 2 gameplay, complete with a gripping chase filled with jumps between giant, neon-hued buildings, I’m surprised to see such a drastic twist in how this newer version will play. Then again the Prey 2 version I saw may have been a smoke-and-mirror trick to support a game that otherwise reeked. Those are the breaks with canceled video games, I assume.

Both games revealed will have special panels at this year’s QuakeCon that could include more gameplay reveal footage or at least more specific details. We’ll keep our eyes and ears wide open for more information as QuakeCon fragments further.

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