Sat. Feb 4th, 2023
The best game of 2015?  That will be Fallout 4

In true Bethesda style, Fallout 4 didn’t start off very well thanks to a plethora of bugs, glitches, and frame rate drops. But as our very own uber chef Ken Fisher pointed out in his fanboy review, “It’s a Fallout game – and if that’s enough to get you excited, you’re going to like it.” The judges at the 19th annual DICE Awards – essentially the Oscars of video games – agreed. Fallout 4 won the coveted DICE game of the year award.

Given the pedigree of the awards – they are supported by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences and judged by its members – that is quite an achievement. Fans have also taken to the game in droves: Bethesda shipped a record 12 million copies of the game at launch to meet demand, generating sales of over £525 million. It was also the most pre-ordered game of 2015, no doubt in part thanks to the lustful Pip-Boy Edition, which itself became the fastest-selling collector’s edition for any game in history at various retailers.

But it wasn’t all about Fallout 4 at the DICE awards, including Star Wars Battlefront pick up action game of the year, Metal Gear Solid V picking up adventure game of the year, and The witcher 3 winning outstanding achievement in game design. Ars’ game of the year, Rocket League, won sports game of the year. Bethesda has bagged a few more awards in the form of RPG of the Year Fallout 4and mobile game of the year for Air raid shelter, which, if you remember, is the mobile game everyone was raving about for a month after E3 before they got bored and went back to crushing candies. A full list of winners is available online.

“I work with some great people who inspire me every day,” creative director Todd Howard said as he recorded Fallout 4‘s awards. “We can’t thank you enough for what this means to us, everyone at Bethesda and ZeniMax.”

The late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata was also honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award Metal Gear solid creator Hideo Kojima was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Interactive Academy and received a standing ovation. The latter is in part a response to last year’s Game Awards, where the famed developer was unable to collect his awards thanks to a vague contract squabble with former employer Konami.

In a separate conversation over at DICE, Kojima teamed up with filmmaker Guillermo del Toro to talk about future projects and his life after Konami. “I’m not going to change anything I’ll ever do to sell more,” Kojima said. “I have to create something I want to play, something I want people to play, and think of ways it will be a hit in the market. With that in mind, I feel extremely free.”

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