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A still image from the movie Ambition.

A still image from the movie Ambition.

European Space Agency

Littlefinger, the conniving and vulpine Game of Thrones character who loves all Stark women got together with one of them two years ago to promote Rosetta, the European Space Agency’s comet-hunting mission.

Aidan Gillen and Aisling Franciosi, who play Littlefinger and Lyanna Stark respectively, starred in the short film to hype up the mission, which overtook Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko in 2014 and later sent the small Philae spacecraft to make a soft landing in November of that year. to make a landing. year. The movie, titled Ambitionis all the more chilling after Sunday’s episode of Game of Thronesin which Franciosi (Lyanna Stark) plays a key role in finally revealing Jon Snow’s true parentage.

In the short, Franciosi appears to be some kind of Jedi padawan in a distant future Earth. As part of a lesson, Gillen recalls the Rosetta mission that took place in the distant past, explaining that it was more about an encounter with a comet. “We also wanted to show what was possible,” Gillen’s character explained.

Now look at Ambition.

Rosetta did just that with its Philae lander and revealing images of a comet. Unfortunately, the 100 kg spacecraft probably landed at an angle of about 30 degrees in the shadow of a crater wall or cliff, which prevented it from recharging its batteries with sunlight. The batteries were depleted within two days, and the European Space Agency lost regular contact with the lander, which had just begun its primary science objectives.

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