Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

Mario Odysseythe first 3D Mario game coming to Nintendo Switch will be released on October 27, Nintendo announced today.

Nintendo also has a new Yoshi game simply titled Yoshi coming out in 2018, a new four-player co-op Kirby play with the equally simple (and possibly temporary) title of Kirby also planned for 2018, and a port of the super popular multiplayer game Rocket League coming “holiday 2017.”

Nintendo dropped two big but short bombshells during the annual E3 livestream: Metroid Prime 4 and a new one pokemon game for Switch in development by series creator Gamefreak. Unfortunately, these games were limited to no more than a paper announcement, but at the very least the mere existence of a pokemon game on Switch may leave those disappointed by Nintendo’s recent pokemon livestream, with announcements for the 3DS.

Nintendo’s other E3 announcements covered some previously announced games. These include a new trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which looks like the most J-RPG to ever J-RPG; a story trailer for Fire Emblem Warriors; and a June 30th release date for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘s first DLC pack The master tests. The latter includes a new Trial of the Sword mode, in which players are tasked with fighting waves of enemies without any existing gear.

Another DLC pack for Zelda called The champions ballad, will be launched before the end of the year. As the name suggests, the DLC stars the four champions of Breath of the wilderness, but no other details were confirmed. However, Nintendo showed off four new Amiibo based on the champions, which will work with the DLC pack.

Name one thing that isn’t great about this trailer.

While Nintendo’s other announcements were welcome, who? not want a new one metro?—most of the E3 livestream focused on Mario Odyssey– and for good reason. According to Nintendo, odyssey is the series’ first true open-world game since Super Mario Sunshine. Players travel in a spaceship called the Odyssey, which is powered by moons collected by Mario. The core mechanic is that of Mario’s hat, which bears the delightful name Cappy. Cappy can be thrown or spun around Mario to knock down enemies, or thrown on enemies or objects, which players can then control.

The trailer shows Mario taking control of taxis, humans, frogs, Bullet Bills and yes, a T-Rex. A later Nintendo gameplay demo also showed Mario’s ability to travel through power lines in New Donk City. Cappy’s “original form”, that of a white top hat, was also shown (and it may very well be a “bad” hat, as Bowser appears to be wearing a white one). Plus, Mario has a slew of outfits to choose from in odyssey. That includes a “swimmie” outfit, a mariachi outfit, an American football player, and a chef.

In short, it looks like the best thing ever and OMG, I want it now. Ars goes hands-on with Mario odyssey later this week at E3. Keep an eye on the site for more coming soon.

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