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Rey is dismayed to find herself on a movie set instead of Jakku.

Rey is dismayed to find herself on a movie set instead of Jakku.


The eighth entry in the Star Wars saga was supposed to begin filming this month, but production has been postponed to allow director Rian Johnson to rewrite the script at the last minute. That means the movie will hit theaters in December 2017 instead of May 2017 as originally planned.

There are rumors about the cause of the delay, but it seems like it’s mostly about rearranging the film’s focus to give us more screen time with popular characters Rey, Finn, and Poe. Star wars VIII will also introduce two new female characters, one of whom may be played by an Asian actress, but their roles will be slightly reduced in the rewrite.

The cover reporter Jeff Snyder spilled the beans on the Meet the Movie Press podcast this week, explaining the whole feud over these two unnamed female characters:

Last week we mentioned Bel Powely and Gina Rodriguez. Now I heard that Gina didn’t get it. Now I’m told Episode VIII has been delayed for about a month. Rian Johnson is going to do another rewrite, and I heard an Asian actress got the part Bel and Gina were looking for. But I don’t know if the Bel Powely thing will work.

I said before that there were two young female roles, now I’ve actually heard that the rewrite will make these roles smaller. They want to get to know the characters they already have better. So the new rewrite narrows down the new roles to spend more time with Rey, Poe, and so on.

Again, these are rumours. But the new December 2017 release date has been confirmed.

Star Wars VIII director Johnson is known for his demanding work and special attention to character development. In movies like Looper and Stone, he gave us action-packed stories with characters that were incredibly memorable. So if he takes a little more time to perfect the script, it’s probably a good thing. Plus you have one more Star Wars movie also in December of this year – the standalone adventure Rogue One: A Star Wars Storyfrom Godzilla director Gareth Edwards.

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