Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

Here it is, the logo you’ve been waiting for.

Today at the Upfronts, where TV stations tease shows next season, CBS offered a scintillating glimpse into the worlds where its new Star Trek series will bring us in January 2017. All we see here is the new logo for the show – the first new one trek series in over a decade – and a few VFX shots of cool planets. It almost has the feel of the Doctor who credits sequence, with its kinetic ride through spacetime.

So what do we know about this series? Basically nothing. This trailer does confirm that we will have “new crews”, something many had suspected but not yet confirmed. So don’t expect the Seven of Nine spin-off we’ve all been hoping for. One of the items left out of that new stuff list is “ships,” so it’s possible we’ll get another Enterprise crew from a previously unexplored time period. While this trailer is a bit lame, you have to be somewhat forgiving since the show hasn’t even started shooting yet.

The good news is that Nicholas Meyer (who wrote and directed anger of Khan) is in the writing room, and smartass Bryan Fuller (Hannibal Pushing Daisies) is the show runner. The bad news is that the pilot of the show will air on CBS, but all subsequent episodes will only be available on CBS streaming.

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