Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

Shortly after Sony’s hour-long reveal of new video games slated to launch on PlayStation 5, the company took the wraps off a key part of its new console: the hardware itself.

In addition, fans learned that Sony had a secret up its sleeve in terms of hardware, unannounced until today: a “Digital Edition” version of the hardware. While the video reveal didn’t include narration to confirm, this version of PlayStation 5 comes without a disc drive – perhaps to cut the cost of the console, as Microsoft tried to do with last year’s all-digital Xbox One S. .

The reveal of the console did not include a price or release date. This leaves us wondering how much the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition could cut the price, especially with reports suggesting the console’s build price won’t be less than $450. Removing a Blu-ray disc drive could be very helpful in that regard. help, for those consumers who prefer to buy their games digitally.

As we predicted after the DualSense controller was unveiled earlier this year, the PlayStation 5’s design is primarily white with black accents and hints of blue LED light. Interestingly, the system bears no resemblance to the console’s leaked debug hardware, which featured a distinctive V design. Instead, this uniform design is quite long; the disc slot in the standard console SKU suggests that the system as a whole is slightly larger than the diameter of three Blu-ray discs, or somewhere in the 15-inch range. How PS5’s bulk will compare to the giant brick that is Xbox Series X remains to be seen.

Aside from a range of official peripherals – and Sony’s choice to unveil a media remote for a new PlayStation VR headset – this reveal didn’t show us much about the console that we didn’t already know. An exception, in any case, is a peek into two slots on the front of the console: one USB Type-A, one USB Type-C. The front of the console also has two small slots that could be anything: LEDs, expansion ports, whatever. We look forward to hearing more about these front-of-console ports soon, if not what the rear looks like in terms of support for things like audio connections.

Update, 6:00 PM ET: And now we know what it looks like sideways, if you’re concerned about the vertical orientation of the device. see:

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