Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022
The famous cathedral lives on in interactive digital form.
enlarge The famous cathedral lives on in interactive digital form.

At this point, we’re actually kind of tired of “review bombing” stories, where different groups of gamers come together to leave a deluge of negative user reviews, often for issues that have nothing to do with the game itself. But this week’s flow positive reviews for Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Unity on Steam is an entirely different (and much rarer) story.

The impetus for this inverted review bomb (Review rocket? Review scaffold? Review hug?) came earlier this week after the tragic fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. On Wednesday, Ubisoft announced it would donate $500,000 to help rebuild the cathedral that has been recreated as a central landmark in Assassin’s Creed Unity† In addition, the company is giving away free copies of the game on its UPlay platform until April 25 as a way to encourage further donations and to “give everyone a chance to experience the grandeur and beauty of Notre Dame in the best way possible.” experienced.” way we know how.”

“When We Created” Assassin’s Creed Unitywe developed an even closer relationship with this incredible city and its landmarks,” the company wrote this week. “One of the most striking elements of the game was the extraordinary recreation of Notre-Dame… We hope with this small gesture, we can give everyone the chance to appreciate our virtual tribute to this monumental piece of architecture.”

The PR-focused altruism seems to be paying off on Steam, which had decidedly mixed user reviews for Unit (driven in part by a bug-induced launch) have shifted to hundreds of “Very Positive” ratings in the past four days. Those ratings seem to be fairly evenly distributed in thanking Ubisoft for the free play and in appreciating the real Notre Dame (and hoping to rebuild it).

“Hope this game can help with the repair [sic] of Notre-Dame de Paris,” reads a signature recent Steam review [sic] not a good game for everyone (seems to be) but Ubisoft put a lot of effort into this [sic]†

If you want to get technical, these rave reviews can probably be classified as “off topic” by the strict letter of the definition that Valve outlined in a recent blog post. But given that the reviews aren’t “aimed at lowering a game’s review score” — one of Valve’s criteria for identifying a review bomb — it seems doubtful the company will implement the same kind of user reviews fix it recently needed. for the border areas series.

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