Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023
Renew your PlayStation Plus subscription before the price increase

If you’re the kind of PlayStation owner who’s happy to pay for the privilege of playing online – plus get free games every month – today is a good day to spend some cash. That’s because after today, the price of an annual PlayStation Plus subscription will increase from $50 to $60 (yes, we mentioned this back in August, but some of you may not have marked your calendar).

It’s not that big of an increase, when it comes down to it. Thanks to inflation, the $50 Sony originally charged for PlayStation Plus when it launched in 2010 is equivalent to just over $55 in 2016 dollars. And the new $60 price matches what Microsoft has been charging since 2010. brings for the very similar Xbox Live Gold.

Still, there’s no reason why you should pay the raise sooner. If you buy an additional annual subscription today (which will be stacked on top of the current subscription time), you can lock in the current price of $50 until the next time you need to renew. That’s $10 you can spend on one of the many interesting indie games on the PS4. Or, uh, towards a few cups of coffee, I guess? Look, you use your fungible savings however you want, okay?

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