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Dit wordt waarschijnlijk onze keuze voor de beste game op PlayStation Experience;  we hebben <em>No Man’s Sky</em> already played and we want to keep flying through its bizarre, procedurally generated galaxies.” src=”×360.png” width=”640″ height=”360″ srcset=”×720.png 2x”/><figcaption class=
Enlarge / This is likely going to be our pick for the best game on PlayStation Experience; we played Nobody’s Heaven already, and we want to keep flying through its bizarre, procedurally generated galaxies.

We’re used to exhibitions full of video game announcements in months like March and June, firmly locked into the Western promotional cycle of pre-holiday sales hype – how else would little Timmy know what he wants under the tree? But as the audience in the industry has aged, the promotional machine hasn’t grown quite as much, which may be why Sony is giving its own exclusive expo a shot in early December. (Or maybe the company needs some really, really good news right now.)

This weekend, the PlayStation Experience takes over Sands Expo and the Convention Center in Las Vegas and centers around games launching on Sony’s PS4 and PS Vita platforms over the next year and beyond. We’ll be there to play plenty of games, including refreshed demos of upcoming 2015 titles like The Order: 1886, BloodborneAnd Till dawn-possible Uncharted 4too, but who knows. Either way, we’re shocked at how many exclusive and unseen things we’ve been told to expect.

Our inbox, in particular, is overflowing with invitations from the expo’s indie contingent, meaning we’ll be playing the following promising gems (and then some): Nobody’s Heavenan overwhelmingly beautiful open-world space game that we’ve been excited about for a while; Axiom Vergea glitch-laden spin on the Metroidvania genre; Rocket Leaguea party sport with stunt cars and football; Y2Kan American-hipster twist EarthboundJRPGs in style; Bound in papera four player, Smash fighting game in style; Snowan open world stunt ski game; Gun sports, a cyberpunk couch-fighting game full of lasers; And Henka Twist hairdressera bizarre party game that requires PlayStation Move wands.

We’ve also been briefed on a few games that will receive exclusive PSX debuts, and we’ve seen at least a few cryptic teasers associated with the event. Additionally, Naughty Dog Community Manager Eric Monacelli has hinted that the PSX’s opening speech, on Saturday at 12pm CST, should be a special one, so we’ll be there and report back with all the big announcements before we dive into the massive PS4 – and PS Vita gaming battle of the show.

Also keep an eye on Ars tonight for major game announcements related to Friday’s The Game Awards, an offshoot of the much-maligned VGA Awards.

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