Fri. Feb 3rd, 2023
PSA: Get £10 off Amazon orders over £50 today only

So you’ve spent the last few days reading reviews, talking to friends, and asking around on Twitter, and now you’re ready to buy the latest gadget/video game/5 pound bag of sugar-free gummy bears. But before you hit that buy button, your basket contains over £50 worth of goods? Good news, smart shopper! For today only Amazon UK is giving everyone £10 off orders of £50 or more. All you have to do is enter the code “BIGTHANKS” at checkout.

Amazon says the discount is a thank you for winning a survey from The Institute for Customer Service. Whatever the reason, if you’ve seen anything on the site, today might be a good day to get your hands on the old credit card. Make sure whatever you buy is sold directly by Amazon: digital items, gift cards, or anything sold by a third-party merchant will not qualify for the discount.

In other news, Amazon has just announced it is hiring 2,500 new permanent employees in the UK this year, bringing the total number of UK employees to 14,000. Thousands of other jobs will also be created elsewhere in Europe. The UK jobs include posts at the London HQ, as well as 10 warehouses and the new fashion photography studio. There will also be a new Amazon Web Services data center that will need to be staffed next year.

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