Sat. Jan 28th, 2023
PSA: Amazon Prime offers a 20 percent discount on new/pre-release games

Amazon is getting serious about gamers’ dollars today by extending a 20 percent discount on all new and pre-release video games for subscribers to the $100/year Amazon Prime service. The discount only applies to physical games (excluding console bundles) and expires two weeks after a game launches. Discounts will be displayed once subscribers have placed the games in their shopping cart.

This new perk puts Amazon in the same league as Best Buy, whose Gamers Club Unlocked program offers a similar 20 percent discount on new video games (as well as bonuses on trade-in games and discounts on used games). Best Buy’s program cost $120 for a two-year subscription when it launched in 2012, but that subscription now costs just $30.

Amazon Prime’s gaming discounts are in addition to the free release-date delivery that Amazon already offers to Prime members for many pre-ordered games. The Prime subscription also comes with benefits including Prime Video and Prime Music streaming services, cloud photo storage on Prime Photos, and free two-day shipping on most products.

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