Tue. May 30th, 2023
Protect your PSN account with two-factor security before it's too late

Sony has added support for two-factor authentication to its PlayStation Network accounts, and you should actually be setting it up now, rather than after someone tries to take over your account or steal your password.

To set up the new security feature, turn on your PS4 and go to Settings -> PlayStation Network Account Management -> Account Information -> Security -> 2-Step Verification. You can also set it up over the web by logging into your PSN account on the web and going through the Security tab under the Account heading. From there, on-screen instructions walk you through the process of using a text message to confirm your mobile device as a secondary layer of security for your PSN account. Two-factor support is not available when logging into older PlayStation systems, so Sony recommends that you generate a “device configuration password” to help protect the PS3, Vita or PSP.

The addition of two-factor support comes five years after PSN was hit by multiple high-profile hacks, which compromised many accounts and led to a $17.75 million settlement with the victims. Two-factor authentication was far from standard back then (although some game companies had it), but even today there are plenty of reports of compromised PSN accounts, and it’s not always easy to reverse the charges and restore access to Sony.

Given all that, you really shouldn’t wait for the worst to happen before increasing the security of your PSN account. Go do it now. Really, you don’t do anything else do you? There will be time to read more of Ars Technica’s excellent tech news coverage when you return, we promise. Don’t regret it later, take your time now!

To go!

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