Tue. May 30th, 2023

Today is the last day of the week before the Electronic Entertainment Expo madness kicks off with the succession of Monday press conferences. A number of publishers are using the day to take a leap of faith by releasing new gameplay-heavy trailers for some of the titles they’re showing off this year. Here are a few highlights from today’s video dump.

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider trailer

The new video repeats some parts that were shown during last year’s E3 reveal, but also reveals a bit more about Lara’s struggle to survive after a mysterious plane crash has left her and her companions stranded on an island full of murderous thugs. Combat with natural forces like wolves, cold and darkness play just as big a role as the hard-hitting battles with kidnapping lucky humans, and there’s even a plane-climbing part that seems to come straight out of the sky. Not charted. We also have a newly confirmed release date for the game: March 5, 2013.

Metal Gear Rising: Revenge

Metal Gear Rising: Revenge trailer

The futuristic politico-philosophical chatter that dominates the beginning of this trailer is nothing new to the Metal gear series. In contrast, the action-packed gameplay on display is quite a departure for a franchise that has traditionally prioritized stealth over combat. Still, you must be intrigued by a game that lets you chop up an entire helicopter with a sword, or take out a guard by Through the thick pillar he hides behind.


dishonored trailer

Following a debut trailer that showcased the game’s Victorian-inspired setting and characters, this new video gives a better feel for the sword-heavy gameplay in Bethesda’s steampunky first-person title. There’s plenty of slow-motion focus on the bloodier, knife-driven takedowns, but also a few glimpses of the protagonists’ more metaphysical powers, including the ability to warp, slow down time, and unleash hordes of rats on his foes. to leave.

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