Sat. Feb 4th, 2023
Pokemon Sun and Moon arrive on November 18 with new monsters and a large 3D world

In a short trailer released this morning, Nintendo gave avid Pokémon masters some key details about the upcoming Pokémon Sun and pokemon moon: the games launch on November 18; As usual, each game will feature a new, as-yet-unnamed Legendary Mascot and new starting Pokémon of the Grass, Fire, and Water types.

The starters include Popplio, a water-type seal; Litten, an uninterested-looking fire-type cat (a cat, that is); and Rowlet, a grass and fly-type owl with a cute little leaf bow tie (obviously the best of the three). Pokémon Sun‘s story will presumably revolve around the big sunny lion on the cover, where Moon will contain a large crescent-shaped bat.

The trailer also showed snippets of the game’s graphics, which are similar to those used in X and Y (after all, they start on the same system). The most important pokemon RPGs have always been conservative in the graphics department –Pokemon X and Y were the first in the franchise’s then 17-year history to use 3D models for all humans and Pokémon, both in and out of battle. Sun and Moon setting, the Hawaiian Alola region, appears to use larger maps with a greater sense of scale than previous games, and the region is shown using more diverse and dynamic camera angles. Since then, the game’s worlds have all been rendered in 3D Pokémon Diamond and Pearl hit the DS back in 2006, but even X and Y mostly sticking to the top-down camera view the series has used ever since Red and Blue on the original Game Boy.

We don’t know much more about the new yet pokemon games, which will presumably feature a wide variety of new monsters and the usual tweaks to the combat system and other long-lasting gameplay elements. However, we do know that players can transfer monsters to Sun and Moon from X, Y, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphireand the 3DS Virtual Console versions of Blue, Redand Yellow through an updated version of the Pokemon Bank app.

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