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Pokémon Go update blocks jailbroken devices;  solution already found

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If you love the freedom of using a jailbroken iOS device or a rooted Android phone, but can’t get enough of poaching Pikachus in pokemon gobad news: the latest pokemon go update removes support for rooted and jailbroken devices.

Niantic has implemented the limitation in pokemon go version 0.37.0 for Android and 1.7.0 for iOS, both slowly trickling out to devices over the next few days. The developer says the restriction is intended to reduce “bots and scrapers” that play automatically pokemon go on behalf of users, often in exchange for a small fee. That said, such services don’t really require users to have a jailbroken or rooted phone to use them. The limitation is more likely to affect those who use local GPS spoofing instead.

Of course, users have already found a way around the restriction, at least on Android. In a post on Reddit, user TheJakeGaming says, “I was browsing XDA and found this flashy zip, Magisk. If you didn’t know, pokemon go uses a method called safety net to check for root, which is the same thing Android Pay does. TopJohnWu has developed a program to bypass that safety net so you can play pokemon go while rooted.” Many players have successfully implemented Magisk and guides have appeared online.

The pokemon go The update also adds some much-needed improvements to the game, including making it easier to select smaller Pokemon, a fix for crashes when the device switches networks, and a fix for where eggs would sometimes hatch without showing the animation. The highly anticipated Buddy Pokémon has also been added, allowing players to choose one of their Pokémon as their buddy and earn candies and other bonuses for them as they move around.

Finally there is support for it Pokemon Go Pluswith the required peripherals going on sale on September 16 Pokemon Go Plus wristband alerts users to the presence of nearby Pokémon while keeping their phones safely tucked away in a pocket. Those who are not interested in purchasing the peripheral can also use it Pokemon Go Plus on the Apple Watch, which adds the ability to interact with pokéstops and grab free items and XP from your watch.

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