Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

SAN FRANCISCO — The Apple Watch may have finally gotten its killer app thanks to a dedicated smartwatch build from pokemon go. The watch-specific version of the game will launch “later this month” exclusively on Apple Watches. No pricing information has been given for the game.

Niantic CEO John Hanke took the stage at Apple’s Wednesday event to announce that pokemon go players had already run a combined 4.6 billion km – and that was just when players had their phones on hand to track their steps. pokemon go for Apple Phone, players will do even better by tracking their steps when their phones are in their pockets, which will support the game’s “egg hatching” system (which requires walking no less than 5 km per egg to hatch). come).

This version of pokemon go does not allow players to view a live map and throw Pokéballs; instead, it alerts walking players that certain Pokémon characters are nearby, after which players can choose to turn on their phone and load the default app to try and capture the creature in question. The presentation didn’t confirm whether players will be able to disable those warnings for lower level creatures, so there’s no telling if players’ wrists will be endlessly buzzing with warnings about pesky Pidgeys.

Good news, the watch interface shall lets players interact with Pokéstops and grab their free items and XP. The interface also quickly shows players how much XP they need before leveling up. In the end, this looks like a pretty awesome implementation of the game’s best feature: rewarding fans with experience and items for just walking around – without having to stare at their screens as they stroll around with Pokémon on their minds. (Once a Ditto shows up, of course, we won’t blame anyone for pulling out their iPhone.)

This article originally and incorrectly identified the new Apple Watch app as Pokemon Go Pluswhich is the name of an add-on accessory launched independently of Apple’s hardware.

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