Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

There was an odd feel to this year’s PAX East. Even as plans for the Game Developers Conference in mid-March fell apart over coronavirus concerns, tens of thousands once again gathered at the Boston Convention and Entertainment Center to celebrate all things gaming.

Organizers did their best to allay fears of contamination, with copious hand sanitiser at virtually every demo booth and a visible phalanx of workers constantly wiping exposed railings and other surfaces. But there was still an uneasiness in the air, evident in the spinning heads when someone coughed or sneered. The weekend crowds also felt significantly lighter than previous years, with more open space to navigate, mostly crowded aisles.

None of that, however, diminished the usual excitement of so many like-minded gaming fans coming together. As we run through our thoughts on some of the best games we’ve seen in the past four days, enjoy this roundup of some of the best cosplay, collectibles, and standout convention booths straight out of Boston.

By akfire1

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