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Nee, <em>World of Warcraft Classic</em> doesn’t look like that in the game.  (Not that the modern version looks much more polished, of course.)”/><figcaption class=

enlarge No, World of Warcraft Classic won’t look like this in-game. (Not that the modern version looks much more polished, of course.)

Blizzard Entertainment

Return to those peaceful days of 2004, when the cries of “for the Horde” and “for the Alliance” were still new, with the return of World of Warcraft Classic on August 27. Blizzard announced the release date in a lengthy news story that also details a series of closed beta and stress testing periods for the next three months.

This release date places the game’s launch nearly two years after Blizzard Entertainment confirmed it would release and maintain the “vanilla” version of the game as a live service. That decision followed years of fans doing the same “behind” Blizzard’s back, though their attempt to do so was an open secret — one that Blizzard fought aggressively against.

“Choose Wow players are invited” to the first closed beta period of the classic version beginning May 15, although Blizzard has not confirmed what is special Wow fans are more eligible than others (maybe those who signed certain petitions will be pushed forward). Meanwhile, players who want to participate in a later trio of stress tests, taking place in May, June and July, can sign up by flipping a switch in their official Blizzard accounts.

And if you can’t wait to claim your favorite consonant-filled Tauren druid name on the Wow Classic server of your choice, note it off your calendar. Blizzard opens a WoW Classic character name signup process on August 13 for active subscribers of the modern version of World of Warcraft

The official announcement of the project in 2017 came with a short WoW Classic testing period for BlizzCon attendees, which Ars can report was largely similar Wowthe oldest version. However, we can’t yet confirm how many quality-of-life improvements from later versions have seeped into an otherwise pre-Burning Crusade version of the Blizzard mega-hit.

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