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enlarge Blizzard is back on Nintendo Switch with its colorful, popular team-based shooter overwatch

In the latest Nintendo Direct video presentation, the game maker provided a huge range of holiday announcements for first- and third-party rates. Perhaps the biggest news came in the form of: overwatch, the mega-popular team-shooter game from Blizzard Entertainment. Nintendo has confirmed that we can expect a Switch version from overwatch on October 15.

While the game’s reveal footage was marked with a “not real gameplay” disclaimer, at least it contained confirmation that Blizzard will be leaning on the Nintendo Switch’s unique gyroscope options. Targeting some of the game’s combat superpowers, including Junkrat’s RIP-Tire attack, can be assigned to spinning the Nintendo Switch or its Joy-Con controllers (although we have no firm confirmation that this can be disabled, if you prefer to limit the control to joysticks). The announcement did not include any information about the potential for cross-play between other platforms.

As has become standard in game announcement surprises, the overwatch news was ruined by a leak. This one came from a blunder at Amazon. As spied on by deal-hunting Twitter account Wario64 last week, the site accidentally revealed a new Switch carrying case smothered in it overwatch logos (along with a detailed zipper in the shape of a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller). The accessory list was removed almost immediately.

In what is arguably the most anticipated update from the retro-minded side of the Nintendo Switch, the system’s paid online subscription service is finally getting support for another library of classic video games: the Super Nintendo. A full suite of 20 SNES games will be available to all Nintendo Switch Online subscribers starting tomorrow, September 5. Stunt Race FX-a “Super FX”-powered classic that has never seen a re-release on other platforms until now.

Nintendo took the opportunity to announce a “coming soon” piece of hardware: a wireless SNES controller for the Switch, priced at $29.99 and available exclusively to NSO subscribers. Nintendo placed the same restriction on its Switch-compatible NES controllers last year, but unlike that, the Switch SNES pads will have almost full control with the Switch. (A joystick is missing, but it is is doing including small ZL/ZR buttons.)

In addition to details on Nintendo’s three biggest first-party games of the season:Luigi’s Mansion 3Link’s Awakeningand Pokemon Sword/Shield—the presentation contained a mix of confirmations and surprises. On the front of the first party, we learned that the Super Smash Bros. UltimateThe onslaught of new characters will take longer than originally expected. The game’s existing Character Pack DLC concludes with a total of five characters (including, as revealed today, Terry from SNK’s fatal anger.) But now we know there will also be a slew of extra paid characters once that five-character pack is fully released.

(If you’ve been keeping track) Smash Bros. Ultimatedo you know a release associated with the N64 classic Banjo-Kazooie is coming and Nintendo has confirmed the launch date. You can buy and download the beloved Rare characters to your Smash Bros. sessions starting today.)

The announcement list contained two surprises for classic game lovers: the very first port of doom 64 on a different system than its original N64 home, which is coming to Switch on November 22, and a 2002 Switch port Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcastcomes on Sept 24. In terms of out-of-nowhere announcements, there was arguably nothing like the revival of the cult classic Deadly hunch, which now has a modern-looking sequel launching in “2020”. (Or you can dive into the 2010 original on Switch today through a brand new port.)

And for those eyeing the future of Switch, Nintendo took today’s opportunity to tease Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Editioncoming in “2020”, and to give us a longer look at the multiplayer features coming Animal Crossing: New Horizons (previously slated to launch in 2019 but now postponed to “March 2020”).

For more information on other newly announced games and ports coming to Switch, including Ars favorites Return of the Obra Dinn and Divinity: Original Sin 2Watch Nintendo’s 40-minute video presentation below.

Nintendo Direct, September 4, 2019.

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