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Compared to the initial of the world Justice League glimpsed at San Diego Comic-Con 2016, a new trailer from this weekend’s New York Comic-Con outlines more of what appears to be a plot for the November 17 movie.

Reporters in Metropolis were never the ones punching. “The world remains in mourning after Superman’s death,” notes a broadcaster early in the new teaser. “Violence, terrorism and acts of war are all increasing.” The daily planet nothing but takes it one step further from there with a simple headline: World without hope.

And so the stage is set for DC’s first foray into the modern world of cinematic super teams. Takes place after the events of 2016 batman v superman, Justice League sees Batman and Wonder Woman return to deal with aliens descending on Earth, seemingly fulfilling Lex Luthor’s end-of-world prophecies. In a pickle and without the services of the Man of Steel, the duo apparently embark on successful recruiting missions for Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash. (The cartoon characters in your life may also notice hints of what appears to be Darkseid’s involvement.)

Given the hit (Wonder Woman) and miss (Batman vs Superman) nature of DC’s recent offering, Justice League is an important outing for the studio. Marvel has comfortably outpaced DC on the big screen –Captain AmericaIron ManSpiderman logan, deadpool, and further and further – and took a moment of distance on the small screen. Marvel has also reintroduced the “superfriends” aesthetic with the hugely successful avengers and Guardians of the Universe franchises, inspiring even Universal (and its historical monsters) to get involved in such action.

To complicate matters further, Justice League went through a major behind-the-scenes shuffle midway through production. Original director Zack Snyder had to leave on personal business, so DC went straight to the superteam’s source and tapped Joss Whedon from the original avengers (and buffy et al). In a vacuum, Whedon plus the return of stars like Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck, JK Simmons and Amy Adams could be cause for optimism.

But a film about apocalyptic calamity, war and massive metropolitan tragedies enters a very different world in 2017 from what greeted the first. avengers scroll back in 2012. And all trailers so far point in the direction of Justice League skewed towards relying on the familiar Snyder aesthetic rather than that of the new Patty Jenkins – big in action, small in plot and character. While there’s always some entertainment value to those kinds of movies, that could mean Ars film master Sam Machkovech is taking away from BvS could also be true here: “Synchronize your watch to show up in time for the final action sequences, then bail before BvS’ horrible cheeseball, sequel setup ending kicks into gear.”

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