Sat. Oct 1st, 2022
Solas, accompanied by a very large wolf, looks angry and glowing blue.
enlarge May the Dread Wolf take you away!


BioWare’s fans dragon era series got a nice little surprise today, as the studio dropped a four-minute highlight reel at the fully virtual Gamescom 2020, promising players that the next game is still in development and still will be. dragon eraeven though we still have to wait about a million years.

dragon era enthusiasts (me) have been waiting for concrete news about the next game in the series since 2015, when the Offender DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition anything but literal presented itself as a prologue. Although the existence of some kind of Dragon Age 4 was an open secret, it took years for the studio to even publicly admit that a new game was indeed in development. Instead, BioWare focused on science fiction properties such as: Mass Effect: Andromeda and Hymn

The four minute video features a series of studio leaders talking at a very high level about the development of the game. Everyone promised that the game will be packed with characters that we will love, hate or love to hate; epic boss fights; wide landscape; and all the chicest tech the next generation of consoles has to offer, all of which you’d expect to hear.

It also promises a lot more of the kind of trademark-agonizing decisions that have defined the series thus far, particularly in Inquisition† “Choice is a big part of what” dragon era is like a franchise,” Gameplay Director Andre Garcia said in the video. “The decisions you make can change the world.”

RPG programmer Katrina Barkwell then elaborates on this idea: “Decisions can mean that a party member lives…or that a party member dies,” she says with the kind of glee left by players who have chosen between saving Hawke or killing Hawke. save from certain others living Gray Wardens know to hear both love and fear from the dragon era crew.

Details are otherwise light. In small snippets of voice actors recording their lines, the video teases both the return of existing antagonists (hi, Solas, I’m I come for you) and also teases two previously unknown characters: Bellara and a Gray Warden named Davrin. Concept art is liberally sprinkled with hints of locations in Thedas, which desperate, thirsty fans (…still me) are sure to immediately start tearing apart for details and clues as we wait another year or two for more concrete information.

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