Sun. Feb 5th, 2023

SEATTLE—At Ars, we love a good piece of LEGO design, especially the prizes that can be found annually at regional fan parties like BrickCon. But while those shows impress with pop culture references and sprawling cities filled with vehicles, spacecraft, ships, and villagers, they typically don’t feature the kind of original work or high-quality references you’d expect to find in a museum.

Oregon-raised artist Nathan Sawaya, on the other hand, has been making art out of LEGOs for years — and has been showing it off in art galleries around the world since 2007. The artist’s latest show, which we’ve seen opening weekend in Seattle, continues to revolve around his original creations, which are featured in the lower gallery (and will be familiar to anyone who’s seen a Sawaya series over the years). show attended). But his more recent work revolves around LEGO reproductions of classic paintings and sculptures, which you’ll see in the top gallery of this article.

From Monet to Munch, and from Egyptian temples to politically charged Americana, Sawaya’s Art of the Brick collection traverses a tons of artistic movements of the LEGO frame. You can see all this and more at the Pacific Science Center through September 11.

Frame image by Sam Machkovech

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