Sat. Feb 4th, 2023
Microsoft saves gamers $150, brings Xbox One button remapping to all controllers

Reassignable controls – a feature previously thought to be exclusive to Microsoft’s upcoming £129 ($150) Elite controller – are coming to all Xbox One gamepads, Microsoft has said. This feature allows Xbox users to remap the buttons on their controller to their liking, including swapping the placement of buttons such as A and B. Button remapping came to the PlayStation 4 earlier this year via the 2.50 firmware update.

Microsoft confirmed the news in a tweet, saying that reassignment is “coming soon for all controllers”. On the PS4, the feature has proven useful not only for reasons of muscle memory and for players to gain a competitive edge, but also for those with physical disabilities who may not be able to press certain buttons comfortably.

Button remapping was previously confirmed for the Xbox One Elite controller. At a price of £129, it wasn’t exactly a cheap way to access the feature. However, the controller has some other niceties to justify its price tag, including the ability to swap out the d-pad and analog sticks, as well as paddles that can be programmed to take the place of any input on the controller.

While Microsoft hasn’t confirmed when the remapping would be rolled out to all controllers, the new Xbox One experience will launch in November. It brings with it the highly anticipated Xbox 360 backward compatibility feature, as well as an overhaul of the frustrating Xbox One user interface.

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