Sat. Feb 4th, 2023
Microsoft drops the Xbox One entry price to $299

In a surprise move ahead of next month’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, Microsoft has slashed the price of nearly all of its Xbox One bundles by $50. That means you can now get a 500GB Xbox One with either one Quantum break, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, The Lego Movie video game, Forza Motorsport6, Rise of the Tomb Raideror Rare repetition for only $299. Systems with a 1 TB hard drive and other bundled games range from $319 to $349.

A system with a Kinect camera and three compatible games now costs $349, while a system with an Elite controller and a 1TB hard drive costs $449.

While prices are listed as “for a limited time” on Microsoft’s website, other online retailers appear to be matching the sudden, platform-wide price drop. The Xbox One previously dropped to $299 as part of some holiday deals in 2015 and again as part of a Microsoft Store promotion in March.

In 2014, some retailers temporarily lowered the price of the Xbox One to $449 before Microsoft officially lowered the price to $399 by removing Kinect from the bundle and then to $349 by the 2014 holiday season. The PlayStation 4 also dropped to $399 last October. $349 and was available for a short time during the 2015 holiday season for $299.

This latest price cut comes as Microsoft is rumored to be planning the announcement of a new, smaller, and possibly cheaper Xbox One at E3, along with a more powerful, VR-compatible edition of the console set for 2017. Making the old, “obsolete” version of the console being slightly cheaper would certainly be a good way to soften the ground for those announcements, even if the evidence is still circumstantial at this point.

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