Sun. Feb 5th, 2023

Lenovo and gaming PC maker Razer have teamed up to build a new range of Lenovo gaming PCs. The giant Chinese PC OEM will have a range of Razer-branded Y-series PCs available next year. The full set will be unveiled at CES in January, but the first prototype was shown off this week at DreamHack Winter in Sweden.

Aside from the Lenovo label on the top, this device has that classic Razer look: an aggressive, angular body and lots of green lights. It will also include Razer’s “Chroma” custom lighting feature.

In addition to producing and selling the co-branded systems, the companies say they will work together to develop “new technologies” to improve the gaming experience.

Lenovo already has gamer-focused products, but it’s clearly trying to give a stronger boost to this demographic. Gaming PCs can command a higher price because their heavy focus on graphics performance means they still require fast and expensive discrete graphics cards. However, the company’s gaming systems don’t have a strong brand presence or much recognition (unlike, say, Dell’s Alienware line). Adding Razer’s branding and marketing should make the systems much more visible.

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