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The Vision GT project, where real car manufacturers design futuristic concept cars especially for Gran Turismostarted in 2013 with Gran Turismo 6† The fact that, six years later, real car companies are still taking the time to work on these one-offs is testament to the impact of the PlayStation racing game. Jaguar is the last to join the fray; it was kind enough to send some pictures of a car it calls the Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo Coupe.

“This was a car designer’s dream project; creating a futuristic sports car for… Gran Turismo means that our designs and ideas can truly be limitless. It should excite future generations and, most importantly, look and feel unmistakably Jaguar,” said Oliver Cattell-Ford, exterior designer at Jaguar Advanced Design. The winning C-Type in the front fenders, while the profile harks back to the long-nose D-Type Meanwhile, the lightweight E-Type was on the mood board for the austere cockpit of the Vision GT Coupé.

Chris Shaw, who led the interior design team, had this to say:

We really pushed the limit on imagining what a future Jaguar sports car interior might look like. The architecture is visually lightweight, simple and dramatic; with advanced and experimental materials and finishes. Sitting in the stunningly thoughtful cockpit and facing the gracefully long hood of the Jaguar Vision GT Coupé – a view that is unmistakably Jaguar – the player is completely immersed in the action.

Normally, with such decades-long concepts, there is no point in even discussing the alleged technical specifications. But in this case the car will be drivable – in GT Sport – so the specifications do say something. The Vision is all-electric, with one motor for the front axle and then one for each rear wheel, with a combined 750 kW (1,005 hp) and 1,200 Nm (885 lb-ft). Top speed is 321 km/h and the car reaches 100 km/h from standstill in less than two seconds.

To ensure the Vision is competitive in the game, Jaguar has even involved its Formula E racing team. James Barclay, Jaguar Racing team principal, said this:

The ability to take what we learned on the track from our time in Formula E and apply it to a futuristic Jaguar race car was a major challenge for the Jaguar Racing engineers. With its all-electric engine design, based on technology from both the Jaguar I-TYPE 4 and eTROPHY race cars, we accurately modeled the performance of the Jaguar Vision GT Coupé in the virtual world, creating a car that is exciting will be to drive in and a real threat to the competition.

The Vision GT Coupe will be available as a free download in GT sport in Nov.

List image by Jaguar

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