Sat. Feb 4th, 2023
HTC Vive costs £746 in the UK;  15,000 units pre-ordered within 10 minutes [Updated]

Mark Walton

Updated (March 1): HTCs Shen Ye revealed that the company moved 15,000 units within the first 10 minutes of the Vive going on sale. Presumably that is a global figure, rather than UK specific.

Updated: The total cost of HTC Vive is £746.60, once the mandatory £57.60 delivery fee is added.

Original story

The HTC Vive virtual reality headset costs £689 in the UK, HTC has confirmed. Pre-orders for the Vive will open at 3pm on February 29th and will ship no later than April 5th. “Full commercial availability” on HTC’s website will also be available from April 5, for those who prefer living on the edge to pre-orders. to order.

The Vive’s UK pricing follows US pricing confirmation earlier this month, where the headset will retail for $799. In Europe, the Vive will cost €899. Hopefully those prices include shipping, although HTC notes, rather disconcertingly, that “additional fees may apply” for taxes and shipping.

It’s also worth noting that unlike the Oculus Rift – which costs £499 / $599 without shipping – Vive pre-order customers will be charged immediately, either via PayPal or a credit card hold. Those who take the plunge will receive the consumer edition of the Vive – photos of which can be found here – along with two wand-like motion controllers and two Lighthouse tracking boxes.

The UK Vive comes with three games: Job Simulator: The Archives of 2050, Fantastic thingand Google’s Tilt brush, the latter of which allows you to paint in a 3D space and that is quite an experience. The games will be bundled together for an undisclosed “limited time” only.

While the HTC Vive costs more than its rival, the Oculus Rift, customers haven’t had as much sticker shock at its price, no doubt thanks in part to the Oculus price softening the blow. The Vive also comes with more tech in the box: the controllers alone – the Rift only comes with a standard Xbox One controller – would add up to around £100 of the cost.

Suffice to say, we’re curious to see if the Vive’s price will impact sales. Oculus pre-orders quickly sold out and shipping dates were subsequently pushed back. With the support of Valve, famous developers such as the creator of Minecraft, among others Marcus Personand hardware makers like Nvidia – not to mention a much bigger push in gaming and trade events than the Oculus – the Vive also has a chance at high sales.

Then again, £689 is a lot of money. And for those with life’s sad realities to deal with at first, giving HTC a hefty chunk of cash for a Vive might not be an easy decision.

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