Thu. Jun 1st, 2023
Careful, friend... while you were sleeping, the real value of that gold stack dropped a little.

Careful, friend… while you were sleeping, the real value of that gold stack dropped a little.

Activision’s decision to sell Lot 2 via Blizzard’s (or the Blizzard app, if you want to call it that) already has ripple effects across the entire platform. Look no further than World of Warcraftwhere the real value of in-game gold sank quickly after its announcement, according to the tracker on

The in-game auction price of a Wow Token – which can be redeemed for $15 in credit on other games – was settled on approximately 120,000 gold pieces on North American servers this morning. That is higher than a price of about 110,000 gold pieces just before the Lot 2 The announcement sent the market into turmoil, causing the price of the token to briefly rise above 140,000 gold on Thursday night.

The result appears to be about a 7 percent drop in the real purchasing power of a piece of WoW gold in less than a week. In other words, the functional price of a $60 copy of Lot 2 in WoW, gold jumped from just under 450,000 gold pieces to just over 480,000 in a matter of days. An incredibly focused, min-maxing gold farmer can still earn that gold in a dedicated month or two Wow do play.

While Wow Token prices fluctuate slightly every day, the last time the market saw such turbulence was in February, when Blizzard first allowed tokens to sell tokens for credit. Before that, tokens could only be used to buy World of Warcraft subscription time and were considered much less valuable in the in-game auction markets.

Since the change, a token’s in-game value has grown slowly by about 22 percent over the course of about three months, from about 90,000 gold pieces on Feb. 15 to about 110,000 last week. Viewed in a different way, the Destiny The announcement brought about a month of “natural” gold deflation into a single weekend.

As Bungie rolls out suspicious plans for microtransaction-based purchases in Lot 2we may see in-game demand for the Wow Token will rise even further in the coming months. If you want to trade one video game addiction for another, we recommend that you trade it in Wow loot for preventive Destiny money sooner rather than later.

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