Sat. Feb 4th, 2023
Great news: A Punisher series is coming to Netflix


For many viewers, the introduction was Frank Castle, ie The punisher– was the highlight of Daredevil‘s second season. Castle, played by John Bernthal, takes a very different approach to ridding Hell’s Kitchen of crime, choosing the kill shot rather than just crippling the bad guys. Apparently, Marvel listened to the chorus of fans clamoring for a full punisher series; on Friday Weekly entertainment reported that the comic book empire ordered just that.

Bernthal is actually the fourth actor to play Frank Castle, after Dolph Lundgren (The Punisher, 1989), Thomas-Jane (The Punisher, 2004), and Ray Stevenson (Punisher: war zone, 2008). The character is one of Marvel’s grittiest, and those previous three adaptations fared poorly at the box office. But we live in a post-deadpool age, where cartoon characters no longer have to be PG-13. Not to mention that a series on Netflix enjoys liberties denied to tentpole cinema releases.

This will be the sixth Marvel series to run on Netflix. We’ve already seen it Jessica Jones and Daredevilof Luke Kooi, Iron fistand The defenders all in the making. Sure, Disney’s $4 billion acquisition of Marvel in 2009 continues to seem like a smart move, especially in contrast to how DC’s back catalog is translated into live action. If someone finally pressed the button of a Dredd series for Netflix…

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