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George RR Martin can just repackage the whole plot

George RR Martin can just repackage the whole plot around ‘The Red Woman’ as ‘The Red Menace’.

Author George R. R. Martin has a huge success on his hands with HBO’s adaptations of his unfinished Game of Thrones series (the book series is known as A song of ice and fire), and it looks like Martin and HBO will try to recreate the magic after the high-fantasy is over. Ars has a message from the Hollywood reporter say Martin’s new show will be called Captain Cosmos and follows the story of a science fiction writer in 1949.

The writer spends his time writing stories that no one else would dare to write Hollywood reporter say. (Unlike Got, it’s unclear how many sibling sex scenes or episodes where people are literally skinned will appear in this fictional writer’s stories.)

Martin is no stranger to working for TV, and reports say Michael Cassutt, who worked with Martin in the 1980s twilight zone reboot, will be the author of the first episode. As his TV projects progress, Martin continues to receive a lot of criticism on the internet (and from fans approaching him in real life!) for being slow to publish his sixth installment of the Song of ice and fire series, The winter winds. The fifth episode, ADVERTISEMENTance with dragons, appeared in 2011.

Last week, the author told Weekly entertainment That Winter winds will be published sometime before the sixth season of the HBO series in 2016. Martin has even posted a free excerpt of the forthcoming book on his website, and HBO showrunners Dan Weiss and David Benioff have told fans they’ll be using material from the unpublished sixth book in the show’s fifth season (which features a premieres for a few days on April 12). So it seems that much of the book is already in full swing, albeit secret.

If that timeline is true, then Martin’s work continues Captain Cosmos probably won’t get in the way of the sixth book of song of ice and fire, so fans can still look forward to this next project without feeling the empty hollow of abandonment!

Correction: This article originally said The winter winds would be Martin’s fifth book in the Song of ice and fire series, but that’s been updated to reflect that it’s actually the sixth book. It has also been updated to clarify that the book series is mentioned A song of ice and fire and the HBO adaptation is simply known as Game of Thrones.

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