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Dong Nguyen heeft zich grotendeels gedeisd sinds de <i>Flappy Bird</i>saga has settled down, but he’s bringing that game back together with a new title.”/><figcaption class=

Dong Nguyen has evolved since the Flappy bird saga silent, but he’s bringing that game back along with a new title.

To remind Flappy bird, the simple and wildly addictive game that topped the App Store charts? The one who racked up a small fortune in ad money before the creator took it down? Of course you do – it spawned an endless stream of imitators and unofficial ports, and opportunistic eBayers tripping over themselves to make a quick buck as soon as the game was drawn.

Dong Nguyen, the game’s creator, has said he may be bringing the game back to the iOS and Android app stores, and yesterday he got a little more specific about his plans. He told CNBC he would bring the game back in Augustand when it returns, it will apparently contain a new one multiplayer component. a Washington Post piece also says the game will be “less addictive,” but Nguyen didn’t elaborate on what that means. Nguyen cited the original game’s addictiveness as a reason to pull it.

Next to this Flappy bird news, Nguyen teased another new game on his Twitter account today, “so people can forget about it Flappy bird for a while.” He didn’t say anything about the gameplay or the name (based on the screenshot above, we’d guess Jumpy guy), but it retains Nguyen’s lo-fi, 8-bit-esque art style. He hasn’t announced a release date either, but we wouldn’t be surprised if he uses a revamped version Flappy bird to generate some interest in the title.

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