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The 2017 announcement video for In the Valley of the Godswhich is now “on hold” as a Valve project.

Indie Forest Exploration 2017 title fans fire watch (including ourselves) are excited about the next project from developer Campo Santo, the Egyptian-influenced In the valley of the gods, since it was announced in late 2017. Those fans got even more excited when Valve acquired Campo Santo in 2018, suggesting big things are in the works for both companies ahead of the game’s scheduled release in 2019. But as 2019 drew to a close and with 19 months of radio silence on the As the game progressed, Campo Santo fans began to worry that In the valley of the gods had joined a long list of canceled Valve game projects. Those concerns increased when a number of Campo Santo developers removed all mentions of In the Valley of the Gods from their Twitter profiles after last month’s announcement of Half-life: Alyx

This week, Campo Santo co-founder Jake Rodkin confirmed some of those fears towards Polygon, saying that the development of In the valley of the gods is officially “on hold”, but it “definitely feels like a project that people can and should return to.” As he put it in a statement:

To fans looking forward to it In the valley of the gods, it’s probably clear that the optimistic “2019” at the end of the announcement trailer isn’t going to be accurate. Ultimately, Valve Time is fooling us all. But yes, developers from the former Campo Santo team have joined other projects at Valve, including: Half-life: Alyx

As you can imagine, our experience in the first-person adventure genre is quite relevant. You hear a lot about how to work on what you want at Valve. That turns out to be true, and there is a lot of work available. As we integrated into Valve, it became clear that there was a lot of valuable work to be done Half-life: Alyx† some of us [started] lend a hand and have been working full-time on the project ever since as it approaches launch. Similarly, some ex-Campos are working on Dota Underlordssome are on Steam and so on.

So to answer your question from today, In the valley of the gods development has come to a standstill, but it certainly feels like a project that people can and should return to. And when that happens, we’ll find an exciting way to let fans know.

While it’s nice to see Valve putting actual resources into new game development, it’s a bit bittersweet that the effort comes at the expense of an original indie project from a recently acquired developer.

The Steam page for In the valley of the gods now displays a “TBD” release date, although it also says the game is “currently in development”.

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