Sat. Sep 24th, 2022

It’s back! The highly anticipated fourth season of the vastness returns on his new network, Amazon Prime. It will now apparently air a future fifth season as well.

May 2018 initially looked like an anxious month for fans of television’s best sci-fi show in years, the vastness† Based on James SA Corey’s beloved novels, the ambitious SyFy series had just the right mix of visual excitement, gripping action, geopolitical drama, and addictively tense pace to keep us hooked for three seasons. (We taught Belter! We podcasted!) But then, unexpectedly, SyFy did what SyFy does: it canceled the show ahead of the S3 finale.

Happy, expanse fans know the rest of the story. Less than a month later, at the National Space Society’s International Space Development Conference in Los Angeles, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced that his company would salvage the series and produce a fourth season as an Amazon original. And this weekend, Bezos and co. had even more good news: for a single episode of the vastness S4 will air on Amazon in December, the show has been officially renewed for a season five.

Variety reports that Amazon made the announcement during the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour over the weekend. The series showrunner to date, Naren Shankar, will presumably continue to pilot the ship. While pre-ordering television seasons is no rarity in this regard (based on its past, Netflix probably already has the Duffer Bros. on S5 from Weird stuff, for example), the news stands out a bit more the vastness‘s reported reviews of issues at SyFy and its subsequent cancellation. While Amazon hasn’t green-lit everything in the same way as its primary streaming service counterpart, the company has shown a willingness to strategically outsource and support sci-fi and fantasy genres, from Good omens to his future (hyper, hyper expensive) Lord of the Rings series. in that spirit, the vastness probably couldn’t have found a better second home.

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