Fri. Mar 31st, 2023
Digital pre-orders coming to Xbox One in October 2014

The first Xbox exclusive game from Insomniac Games, the stylized shooter Sunset Overdrivereleases on October 28 on Xbox One consoles. The designer’s “Sunset TV” promotional YouTube series was updated this morning with details about the game’s pre-order program, and in that clip, an Insomniac representative claimed that digital pre-orders will finally reach Xbox Live in time for launch of the game.

As Gamespot reported, Insomniac’s Brandon Winfrey answered a question about the game’s “Day One Edition” content, including exclusive costumes and weapons, and assured fans that digital purchasers will receive the same content. Winfrey added, “You can’t pre-order it digitally yet, but you will soon.”

This announcement echoes public comments from Xbox chief Phil Spencer at E3, in which he described pre-buying and pre-downloading as “things we consider important to our long-term success.” Microsoft has yet to confirm Insomniac’s announcement, meaning we can’t say when digital pre-orders will reach console, nor if digital pre-orders will come with a pre-download feature a la Steam. Without that load capacity, which eases the pain of multi-gigabyte downloads, we see little reason to shell out early money for a game that hasn’t received a single review (unless fans Real want exclusive pre-order costumes).

We have contacted Microsoft and will update this post if the company provides additional information.

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