Wed. Dec 7th, 2022
A ghost, but IRL.
enlarge / A ghost, but IRL.


From the Power Glove to Fallout 4The real Pip Boy, gamers have thrown in a lot of ridiculous hardware over the years. The Lot 2 Ghost Alexa speaker and accompanying Alexa skill are no less ridiculous.

The skill, which also works on other Alexa-enabled speakers, makes it possible Lot 2 players to ask questions like “Who are the Red Legion” or “What should I do now?” and get answers back with the same voice they hear in the game. Amazon and game publisher Activision claim that more than 1,000 lines can be heard. Features on the list include telling you more about the game’s lore, identifying your next activity, changing your gear, or inviting other players to group with you. As far as we know, it is the first Alexa skill to connect directly to an online game.

When Ars’s Sam Machkovech tried out the skill, he was unimpressed. For example, many answers to questions simply go through several pre-canned messages, and the only gear management command he discovered was, “Alexa, ask Ghost to equip my best weapon.” It’s a gimmick, but did you expect something better? Unfortunately for those (very, very) few of us who preferred Peter Dinklage’s performance as Ghost over Nolan North’s, only North’s voice is available. However, most players will be very happy to see that Dinklage is not involved.

Amazon also supplies a Ghost Alexa speaker from Activision. It looks like the in-game ghost, and it will answer your questions with Ghost’s voice by the same skill. However, it also requires “any Alexa-enabled hardware device” in your home, so it can’t work alone. That’s too bad; some gamers would probably have been interested in a full-fledged standalone Alexa device that looked and sounded like their robotic friends.

The speaker will cost $89.99 and will ship on December 19. It was initially reported that Amazon sold the physical Ghost speaker for only three hours, but that time has passed and it still appears to be available for pre-order. But if you really want this useless gadget, you have to act fast. The light will fade after the first units are sold, but with those cheap looking lights on the sides, it probably will anyway.

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