Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023
Carrie Fisher stars in Star Wars: Episode 9 without CGI

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The late Carrie Fisher will appear in Star Wars: Episode IXthe third and final film of the new Star Wars trilogy, her brother Todd Fisher confirmed.

Carrie Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourd and Todd Fisher have granted Disney the necessary rights to use recent footage of the actress for the finale. No extended CGI recreation is used. Fisher has finished filming for: Star Wars: The Last Jedic (episode 8), with additional footage from those recordings that will likely make up the bulk of her performance in Episode 9.

However, given that Fisher’s character General Leia would play a bigger role in Episode 9It remains to be seen if there will be enough footage to complete the film as planned without CGI, or if rewrites will occur.

“She’s just as much a part of [Star Wars] if anything, and I think her presence is even more powerful now than it was, Todd Fisher told the… New York Daily News. “Like Obi Wan – when the saber takes him down, he becomes more powerful. I feel like that’s what happened to Carrie. I think the legacy should last.”

Speculation about Carrie Fisher’s role in Star Wars: Episode IX– due out in 2019 – ran rife after franchise owners confirmed Disney it wouldn’t use CGI to bring her back in the same way that Peter Cushing’s Grand Moff Tarkin did in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Given the questionable results in Rogue One— not to mention the ethical questions that raise a character through CGI — it’s reassuring to see Disney keeping his word.

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