Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

I don’t know if baseball was one of the sports that Apple originally focused on when it created the Apple Watch, but it has found a home anyway, according to the New York Times. On Tuesday afternoon, the paper reported that Major League Baseball had determined that the Boston Red Sox were “executing a plan to illegally steal hand signals from opponents’ catchers” against a number of teams.

Victims include the New York Yankees, whose general manager filed the complaint with the league. These are the coded signs that catchers direct to pitchers during matches. The Yankees apparently believe that the Red Sox stole those tokens and used Apple Watches as a way to discreetly pass that information on to their players. After all, it’s easier to hit the ball if you have a good idea where to find it.

The Red Sox, in turn, have now charged the Yankees with the same crime of stealing plates. The Sox claim that the New York team uses a camera from its own TV network (YES) specifically for this task.

This isn’t the first time a wearable device has been at the center of a cheating controversy, but this baseball kerfuffle will have a much higher profile than the marathon runner’s case we reported on earlier this year. However, I was wondering: where else do people use smart watches or wearables to cheat? Casinos are probably safe until the next big breakthrough in augmented reality.

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