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Is it time to change that

Is it time to turn that “III” into an “IV”?


Just because Blizzard finally got an all-new franchise out the door this year doesn’t mean the gamemaker isn’t keen on milking its older franchises for all they’re worth. But one of those series, Diablohas seen a bit of a content freeze since the expansion’s launch in 2014. While the company is happy to spice up a game launch with expansion packs, Diablo III has been standing still for a while. Now we may know why.

A brand new “unannounced” item in the Diablo world was, uh, announced Friday through an official job posting for – read this – the following entries director. It’s the game news equivalent of New Line Cinema saying a new Lord of the Rings movie coming up, but oops, Peter Jackson isn’t involved, and they could really use a new person to get this thing going.

The post is looking for someone to “lead the Diablo series in the future.” While such an open call for a series director could be read as an effort to bring more diversity to the workforce, frankly, we’d be shocked if anyone other than the industry’s old guard vets meets application requirements such as five years of game directing experience and shipping “multiple AAA products as a game director or creative director.” The job posting doesn’t mention virtual reality or other experimental hardware.

The call for someone from the outside can indicate a lack of internal focus on how to proceed Diablo should turn out – and vacancies for 2015 for the Diablo series are proof that at least Blizzard has not rested its hands regarding the future of the series. However, it also means the company has no intention of handing the reins back to Jay Wilson, Diablo III‘s original and much-maligned director. He was transferred to other Blizzard projects after leaving the Diablo team in 2013.

Long time Diablo however, fans shouldn’t hold their breath over series creator David Brevik signing on for the gig. When Brevik appeared at the March Game Developers Conference to speak about diablo 1‘s creation, he hasn’t burned bridges or said anything snide about his Blizzard days. But he did use that speech to reaffirm that he’s happy with his job as creative director of new indie studio Graybeard Games (which he founded after leaving the action-RPG MMO Marvel heroes behind.)

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